We’ve been living in our house for just over a year. It’s rented, which means we are restricted to what we can and cannot do, and our landlord isn’t the most helpful of blokes when it comes to maintenance. Luckily, the one thing we are able to do is decorate and that’s something we’ve been doing over the last few months. It’s been a slow process, but I’m enjoying it!   Continue reading


A rubbish day!

I’m typing this on my phone as it’s the only internet access I have at the moment!

Today has been a disaster from the moment I woke up. No internet, no phone, no TV. A mix up with Virgin Media means we have been late paying the bill – they told us the wrong payment date so it’s overdue. Sorted tomorrow hopefully but not having it, especially when you’re tied to the house for the day makes it a very long day!


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Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

Stay at home mums are supposed to enjoy and be good at cooking, right? They cook beautiful, nutritional meals from scratch for their children, and spend their days baking and making all sorts of lovely things.HA!!!
I HATE cooking, and to be honest, I am pretty crap at cooking. My mum did try teaching me as a teenager but I always got bored and disappeared off upstairs to read. I guess it has always been accepted that I was never going to be a domestic goddess, certainly not in the kitchen anyway. Luckily, I live with a bloke who not only is good at cooking, but actually enjoys it (weirdo!)

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