The Ordinary Moments: Nursery Rhymes and Air Guitars

We didn’t have a very nice weekend. We’d planned to sort out the spare room and the cupboard under the stairs, and if the weather was nice, take the kids to the park. Other than shuffling a few boxes about, we did none of these. By late Sunday afternoon. the kids hadn’t had their usual nap, we’d all had at least one temper tantrum each and were all a bit tense.

Suddenly, Alex climbed onto Graham’s lap, and started singing ‘Row the Boat’. Before we knew it, we were all singing every nursery rhyme we could think of – ‘Row the Boat’, ‘Ring o’ Roses’ and ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ being the current favourites.

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Addicted to Coffee?

I drink far too much coffee. On a good day I drink three or four mugs of the stuff; on a bad day it can be seven or eight. I am one of those people who can’t function in the morning without at least one cup in my system. After two, I can remember my kids names!

I’ve drank coffee since I was at sixth form, but my addiction really started when I was at uni. I had a weekend job at Starbucks and I certainly made the most of the free coffee! It was there I began to appreciate coffee. Before then I’d only drank instant stuff, and hadn’t realised that different blends and roasts could taste so different. My drink of choice became a skinny vanilla latte, with an extra shot of espresso.

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Penwizard Personalised Books

We love books, so when we had the chance to review
personalised books from Penwizard we were really excited.

There’s a small range of character books, including Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and In The Night Garden, as well as knights and princesses. With two Peppa Pig obsessed children, there was no question of which ones we were going to choose!

Peppa Pig Personalised Book


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Little Snappers Pop-Up Books

We were really excited when two beautiful books, written by Jonathan Litton popped through our letterbox from Little Tiger Press.

These colourful board books are perfect for children aged 2-5 years. Each page, illustrated by Kasia Nowowiejska, has a lovely pop-up feature and flaps for little hands to explore. The rhyming text is great for encouraging language and speech development.

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Project 365: Week 4

The fourth week of Project 365 and I’m really enjoying it. Even though I’ve always taken lots of photos, I’ve realised 99% of them are of the kids. I will never stop taking photos of them, but this has challenged me to look around me more, and be a little bit more creative. I’m also having lots of fun with the filters on my phone and on photo editing software.

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NSA Travel Centre Deluxe

In May, we are going away for a night. Harrison and Alex are big enough to sleep in a bed or on the floor, but Ben will need somewhere to sleep. Traditional travel cots are fairly big and bulky and not practical for travelling (which kind of defeats the object!), so we were pleased when we had the chance to put the NSA Travel Centre Deluxe to the test.

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Dettol Baby Blanket Donation

Dettol Antibacterial Cleanser has joined forces with Sparks, the children’s medical research charity, to donate baby blankets to underprivileged children in the UK and abroad.

The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation Campaign aims to promote the dangers of bacteria on blankets and highlight the shortage of baby blankets available to infants born to disadvantaged families.

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Cosatto Giggle Review

When we found out back in April last year that I was pregnant with Benjamin, we knew that we would need to buy a new pushchair. The travel system that we had for Harrison had also lasted for Alex, but was starting to look very well used. It was a fab pushchair – it was used as a buggy for both of them as well – but was very plain and simple. This time round, I wanted something functional AND funky.

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An Afternoon at the Park

Monday was Harrison’s last day before going back to school. With Benjamin being so poorly over Christmas and having to wait in every day for the nurses to come and give him his antibiotics, we have done absolutely nothing, so we made the most of the fact it wasn’t raining and headed to the park. One of my New Years Resolutions was to get out the house more. Living in inner city Birmingham means there is a shortage of nice parks, and we don’t have a car at the moment so are limited to local parks. Our nearest one is a ten minute walk away and, although nothing special, is perfect for the kids to have a play in.

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Project 365 – Week 1

Anyone who is friends with me in ‘real life’ knows how much I love to take photos. I take several every day, mainly of the kids. I’m not a very good photographer. All of my photos are taken on my iPhone. I do have bog standard digital camera somewhere, but it’s never got batteries in. My phone is usually to hand so it’s easy to take quick photos of the kids.This year I would love to learn how to take better pictures – and maybe next year treat myself to a decent camera.

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Christmas 2014

Normally, I get excited about Christmas in November and am like a big kid in the run up to the big day, but with everything that has gone on in the last couple of weeks, Christmas was a lot more subdued this year. For one, we didn’t go as crazy with the decorations this year, sticking to our traditional red, green and gold Christmas tree, some tinsel and stockings around the fireplace and my Christmas Yankee candles.

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